Who we are

We launched in 1991, as the first supplier with a modern design on printed paper napkins. Today, we develop entire collections, similar to a fashion company, comprising accessories for a beautiful home and for 2Go. With our three brands, ppd, Design@Home and sniff, we are successfully established internationally in more than 50 markets, and we are a strong partner to the specialist retail trade.

Our Philosophy

With trendy and high-quality designer and gift items, we want to make your home shine with a stylish and contemporary look.
Our collections should inspire you with current colour trends and patterns and create a harmonious décor. We want to touch your hearts with our attention to detail and our passion, and bring a splash of colour to everyday life.


We develop our collections like a fashion company, following the latest fashion trends and the up-and-coming trend colours.

Renowned Designer Network

Alongside our in-house designers, we work with international and famous designers who help us to create a unique world of motifs.

Our collections are characterised by an international, multi-faceted collaboration with designers. They are characterised by innovative design by free-lance designers from all over the world and our in-house design team. The cooperation is based on an enthusiasm for design, the quality of designs and the responsible handling of motifs. We license designs twice a year for our spring-summer and autumn-winter collections. Of course, our creative minds Ute Krause and Luca Bassi are instrumental in the success of our collections. They process the motifs in close collaboration with the designers and also present their own designs, many of which are bestsellers in our collections.

Foto Design

HD Tissue Print

We print with a relatively high resolution (for the substrate) and, with the help of a special process, create very detailed motifs rich in colour and contrast with very fine colour nuances. Thanks to the highly innovative material of our printing rollers, we are able to achieve even better ink transfer on the substrate used.

For this reason, we can proudly state that we are creating a unique, fashionable and high-quality product and are a premium supplier in the field of printed paper napkins.

Lifestyle Products

Starting with our high-quality designer napkins, we create complete themed collections for a beautiful home and for 2Go.

Foto Nachhaltigkeit


Less single-use crockery, more protection for the environment. The new stainless steel products are an environmentally friendly and modern alternative to the classic single-use cup, etc. The use of reusable products should reduce the littering of nature and the waste of precious resources. Step by step, we want to help nature with our reusable products and become a more environmentally conscious company.

Furthermore, our FSC®-certified napkins are made from wood, which comes from well-managed forests. To counteract the heavy loss of forests and to protect the forests from further destruction, we use paper from trees with specified management standards in order to ensure the long-term conservation of the forests.

Made in Germany

Founded in 1991, today Paperproducts Design is an international company that is mainly established in specialist and designer shops because of its high-quality paper products that are “Made in Germany”.

Foto Made in Germany